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Preparation as an overall process consists of many sub-processes, it can be a dry, wet, or semi-wet process. Goals of preparation are the removal or comminution of inclusions, homogenization of the starting material and improvement of plasticity. The inclusions are removed by stone separation roller mills and clay purifiers. The pre-comminuted and purified raw materials are fed by means of box feeders to further comminution. For comminution, depending on requirements, mills and grinding plants, usually, however, crushers, pan mills, coarse and fine roller mills are used, the rollers themselves being ground by means of roller grinding equipment. Clay cutters, clay shredders and filter mixers are also used in preparation. Mixing and homogenization are performed in continuous and intermittent mixers, circular screen feeders and finally by aging in aging facilities that are filled by means of dedicated aging plant excavators. Bulk solids are usually stored in silos.

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