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Handling in a brick plant covers the entire production chain. It begins with conveying of raw materials, which are conveyed, for example, on belt conveyors, slat conveyors, inclined conveyors and vertical conveyors to preparation and shaping stations. Handling and loading equipment is used to load and unload shaped, dried and fired products on and off dryer cars/kiln cars. The laths needed for drying are stored in lath stackers, gathering frames and storage frames. After drying, the green products are set by the setting machine onto the kiln cars and these are transported by means of kiln car transport equipment, like transfer cars. For handling of clay roofing tiles, roofing tile take-off devices and automatic handling equipment are used. After firing, the bricks and roofing tiles are unloaded by means of dehacking systems and packaged with packaging systems, usually on pallets.

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